Establish Your Digital Image:

Online is the place to be when it comes to reaching an audience.

A succinct and attractive representation online cannot be overemphasised! This can be secured by registering customised website and email domain names as well as personalised social media handles.

Let us help you establish your digital image:

We can register your domain

You can host your email and website with us

We can help set up your social media profiles and pages


Is your business instantly recognisable, contactable, and easy-to-search-for online?

Choosing the right domain name and social profile handles are just as important as choosing your business name

You need to choose the right top-level domain extension for your brand – will it be .com, or something unique? 

Be aware of similar domains that are out there and whether your desired domain name is relevant to your niche or audience.

Once registered, select the right website hosting package for your needs. IMPORTANT: Due to a rise in online and email security we strongly advise that you consider cloud hosting for your emails and files

Our network of web professionals do all the heavy lifting for you and take over the nitty gritty of website hosting.

We take a look at your specific needs, budget and vision and match you to the best service provider for your website and social media name reservation requirements.

Establish Your Digital Image today!


What you can expect from us

We select the best service providers

according to your brand voice, goals, and budget.

We represent our team of professionals to our clients,

affording them access to their services but with the guided support of our account and project management team.

We liaise between our clients and our skilled solutionists,

identifying key performance indicators and ensuring industry standards are met.

An absolute dream dealing with Konsortium’s team. Quality of work is excellent combined with incredible turnaround times. I am comfortable recommending Konsortium to everyone!

– Janus Nieuwoudt-Dickerson Owner | My Web Host