Expand your marketing kit:

It might be hard to believe it, but not everyone responds to online marketing methods.

The consumer’s path to purchase is littered with distractions and obstacles online. Some consumers use ad blockers to avoid digital advertising.

Expand your marketing kit to:

Reach your audience across numerous channels

Create more touchpoints for your consumers

Improve brand visibility and awareness

Gain a competitive edge


Many need more persuasion to purchase than just seeing one online ad with a “buy now” button.

What’s far more likely is that a consumer’s buying decision is the result of seeing several adverts and impressions of your brand over time, both online and offline. That’s why the most effective digital marketing strategies incorporate both online and traditional marketing techniques. In this way, you get your brand messaging in front of your audience at multiple touchpoints.


Expanding your marketing repertoire by designing brand-centric flyers will give you an edge over your competitors. You can also leverage print media advertising for your products and services to really resonate with your audience.

We can help you to achieve real results by creating a customised offline marketing strategy to complement your digital marketing campaigns.

Reach Your Audience Through Multiple Channels!

What you can expect from us

We select the best service providers

according to your brand voice, goals, and budget.

We represent our team of professionals to our clients,

affording them access to their services but with the guided support of our account and project management team.

We liaise between our clients and our skilled solutionists,

identifying key performance indicators and ensuring industry standards are met.

Konsortium’s team are experts in their fields. They deliver only the best service and they put their clients first. Kaamilah Achmat, Client Services Manager | Rocketseed