Get a Corporate Identity:

Once you’ve built a solid base for your brand identity, you can go on to create a corporate identity.

A corporate identity design imbues visual branding elements across your professional materials, such as business cards, letterheads, internal communication documents, product packaging, signboards, and email signatures.

Let us help you design a clear corporate identity that:

Acts as a trust signal to your clients

Aligns your branding across all your communications

Appears professional

Assures employees, clients, and stakeholders who they are dealing with


Is your brand getting the respect it deserves?

Getting a corporate identity is crucial to depict professionalism. An organisation’s internal and external communications should all showcase clear, strong branding so that employees, stakeholders and clients can have absolute confidence in who they are dealing with.


When a company lacks a corporate identity, it creates huge confusion for all involved. Imagine what you would think if you received an email from your bank without a logo or formal business signature. At worst, you’d think it was a scam and at best, unprofessional. This shows how a corporate identity is an indication of trust and a confirmation of your legitimacy.

 We’ll oversee the design, printing, and rollout of your corporate identity and connect you with our brand-savvy designers who will make sure all your professional materials are created with aesthetic and harmony.  

Ready to create your corporate identity?

What you can expect from us

We select the best service providers

according to your brand voice, goals, and budget.

We represent our team of professionals to our clients,

affording them access to their services but with the guided support of our account and project management team.

We liaise between our clients and our skilled solutionists,

identifying key performance indicators and ensuring industry standards are met.

Working with Konsortium is an absolute dream. They’re always transparent, stick to promises and stay in constant communication. The service feels very personalized and I felt like they truly cared about my project. I still work with them and will be for a long time to come!!Dylan Bowes, Creative Director | iWebu