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Computers are a central risk when it comes to staying safe. Outdated updates, no anti-malware software and unencrypted connections to public wifi, are biggest culprits when it comes to cyber security issues. Once malware is injected into the operating system cyber criminals has full control over your computer possibly in the process giving them access to any websites or systems you use.

Up until very recently our peace of mind rested with a premium anti-virus package.
Unfortunately as technology evolve, so does the risk we face by making use of the internet. In the days of dialup it was easy to shut the hackers out. Simply unplug the modem. This is no longer the case. With computers being equipped with wifi and bluetooth it is nearly impossible to keep your computer offline.

By injecting malware (viruses, trojans, browser hijackers, spyware etc.) nefarious individuals can take hold of your computer and remotely connect to your smartphone and wreak havoc, all the while you being blissfully unaware – thinking your laptop is offline and therefore safe. You only have to access one unsecured public wifi hotspot for malware to be injected, this taking seconds.

How do we win this battle?

The most important part is awareness. Be aware that hacking is not just something that happens in the movies, it is an every day reality. One might think that a simple trip to the local computer shop will solve the problem and giving you the sense of comfort that everything will be okay… but will it?

Let’s have a look at the types of “passive” information we store on our computers:

  • Passwords
  • Creditcard information
  • Personal information such as ID number, address, date of birth, cellphone numbers AND; your mother’s maiden name.

With this information it is easy to access virtually any service you use, social media, email, online banking and even your website to name but a few.
This is where it get’s tricky. By having infiltrated the above, even if you have had your computer professionally seen to, the dark forces of the world wide web can easily get right back into your computer.

As we mentioned above the first step is awareness. These basic steps will already secure your online footprint.

It is important to use the correct terminology to ensure that any eventualities can be dealt with quickly and correctly.

Keep your operating system (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android etc.) up to date. The companies providing you with these devices constantly send updates in which they among other things patch any security vulnerabilities.

Install a reputable anti-malware application. Most modern anti-malware applications encompass anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and internet protection. The need for an internet protection module is that it is specifically targeted at online vulnerabilities and “notify” your computer as to new vulnerabilities, thereby protecting it.

We understand that keeping track of passwords can be difficult (we know, we generally have to keep track of your login information to websites for updates, and also all of our own). Using a reputable password management platform will both keep your accounts safe, but also make sure you only need to keep track of one strong password.

Make sure you keep your firewalls on, it is painful granting applications access one by one, but it will benefit you in the long run.
Back-up your data. If you have a backup of all your data, ransomware becomes ineffective as the computer can be cleaned and reformatted with the latest software without paying the ransom for your data being held hostage.

Do your research before installing any software on your computer. Freeware is especially known to contain malware collecting data in the background. So yes it might do what it is intended to, but at the cost of your data.

What if you are not comfortable making these decisions by yourself?

We have engaged industry leading providers which we will help you acquire. Please contact us below. We are happy discuss your concerns and assist you in procuring the above-mentioned software and services.

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