Cyber Security:

In a time where remembering to lock your door is the least of your problems, it is critical to keep yourself and your business safe online.


Don’t fall prey to the dark forces of the world wide web, this is how:

Anti-Malware Software

Man-in-the-Middle attack prevention

VPN tunnel when using public internet

Secure Collaboration Platforms (Exchange or gSuite)

Email Resilience Platforms

SSL Certificates and Encryption

Cyber security service when under attack.

The reasoning behind online and offline attacks come down to money. Whether directly or indirectly the end goal is financial by nature. Indirectly your computer or website and / or server is used as a weapon in their arsenal, where directly attacks are used to collect information to defraud you, or holding your computer and computer systems hostage.

Computers are a central risk when it comes to staying safe. Outdated updates, no anti-malware software and unencrypted connections to public wifi, are biggest culprits when it comes to cyber security issues. Once malware is injected into the operating system cyber criminals has full control over your computer possibly in the process giving them access to any websites or systems you use.

4 Steps Towards Peace of Mind


We select the best service providers to fulfil your cyber security requirements.


We represent our team of professionals to our clients, we guide our specialists to providing you with an effective solution.

Man in the Middle Attacks is exactly what it implies, a criminal monitors your online traffic for unencrypted (or weak encryption) data and inserts their malicious information before it reaches the recipient. This is most often experienced with emails, where the cyber criminal inserts new banking details on an email for example.


We liaise between our clients and our skilled solutionists, identifying key performance indicators and ensuring cyber security standards are met.


Have a cup of tea and put your feet up, we’ll ensure that our specialists are always on top of things giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Relying on your hosting provider to keep your website safe is a big misconception.At the end of the day if you are not subscribed to managed hosting the security of your website is your responsibility. We have put together some of the more common breaches and mitigating steps to resolve the hack and to prevent it going forward

We have taken the time to build relationships with providers and services to offer you the very best in cyber security as well as emergency response.

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